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Girls Mystery Bundle

Girls Mystery Bundle

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Your favorite children's boutique collection pieces are now available in a Mystery Box featuring three curated items we know you’ll love. As always, each item is mom and kid approved for comfort, quality and durability.

Each mystery box is completely unique to the next. After all, the mystery is in the surprise. The items can range from classics to overstock, but always seasonally appropriate. With the value of the Mystery Box ranging from $90 - $120, this is the perfect way to update an outgrown wardrobe or give as a gift for any little one in your life.

Boys Mystery Bundle Details:

  • Each Mystery Box contains three items.
  • Items are curated from current and past seasons and are picked at random.
  • Duplicate items will not be packed into individual Mystery Boxes.
  • As the Mystery Boxes include seasonal overstock, there may be similar items packed into different Mystery Boxes. Given this, multiple orders of the same size may result in duplicated items.
  • Items in product image do not necessarily reflect what is exactly in each box.
  • As each Mystery Box is unique to the next, we are unable to offer returns or exchanges with the purchase of this item.
  • This is not a subscription box.